Some Like It Hot

Heat is the name of the game at the moment, with crops around the world at risk from excessive warmth.

Central China corn and bean belts recorded early heat of 113 degrees F last week, says Allen Motew of QT weather:

Meanwhile, in the US Midwest temperatures hit 100-107 F. As June leaves on a cooler note, the threat of heat and dryness returning for July and August is real, in contrast to the” timely rains and near-perfect” growing conditions of last summer, he says.

A cool-down will occur this week for the Corn Belt, centered in Michigan. The Delta and South will see normal to above next week before intense heat returns in early July. Intense heat, the second week of July, will put new stresses on early pollination and flowering corn and beans from Minnesota to Tennessee, he adds.

In the FSU, Ukraine to W Kazakhstan had abnormal heat too, being 2 to greater than 5 degrees C above the norm.

The slow to develop Indian monsoon also left India hotter than normal and too dry, he concludes.