Russia Exports Record 23 MMT Grain In 2008/09

Russia has been an aggressive exporter on the world market this past year after bringing in it’s largest wheat crop in post-Soviet history. A crop of 63.7 MMT in 2008 propelled the country to export a record amount of grain in the 2008/09 (July/June) agricultural year.

Russia exported a record 23 MMT of grain during the 2008/09 marketing year just ended, according to the Agriculture Ministry. Of that total 18 MMT was wheat, making Russia into the world’s third largest wheat exporter after the US and EU-27.

That amount comfortably exceeded Russia's previous grain exports record, which was reached in the 2002-2003 agricultural year when the country exported 15.8 MMT of grain.

For 2009 Russian wheat production is seen at 58 MMT according to the IGC, that’s almost 9% down on last season. Private Russian analysts SovEcon peg the crop closer to 60 MMT.

Despite a drop in production, Russia is likely to remain an aggressive exporter in 2009/10, with the USDA currently predicting exports of wheat steady at 18 MMT.