Ukraine Harvest Latest

Ukrainian farmers had harvested 2.8 MMT of grain as of Friday July 3rd from 8.8% of the planted area, according to the agriculture ministry.

Yields to date are running at 2.51 MT/hectare they say, that's 18.5% lower than 3.08 MT/hectare at the same time last year.

Yields will have to improve on that considerably if Ukraine is to produce the ministry's forecast of a grain crop of 42-43 MMT. Private analysts say that's a bit optimistic and that grain production will be 38-39 MMT this year compared to 53.5 MMT in 2008.

Wheat accounts for around half of the country's grain crop with estimates for this season in the 18-20 MMT range, compared to 25.9 MMT in 2008. Barley production this season is seen around 10 MMT from 11.8 MMT in 2008.