You Can't Kid A Kidder, Our Kid

Argentine farmers have planted just 1.6 million hectares of winter wheat so far this season, according to our old chums the Buenos Aires Cereals Exchange. And we are now about three quarters of the way through the normal planting period for wheat.

That leaves a further 1.2 million hectares waiting to be planted in the next three weeks or so to meet their current projected planting estimate of 2.8 million hectares.

We are ten weeks into a thirteen week planting window, but we are going to plant 43% of our crop in the last three weeks?

Yes we've got to plant our socks off just to meet our target of getting the lowest crop in 100 years into the ground.

We hate the government, we hate the export restrictions, and we are gripped by a terrible drought that's lasted eighteen months, and we've got no money.

Hmmmm, I'm not convinced they'll do it, are you?