Situations Vacant: GAFTA President

A high ranking GASC official, and another employee of the state-owned wheat buyer were arrested, and subsequently released on bail this week, as part of the ongoing investigation into the import of Russian wheat into Egypt.

The public prosecutor apparently also ordered the arrest of Ashraf El Attal, chairman of the trading company Egyptian Traders Co. Attal was of course the head honcho at GAFTA, although he apparently resigned from this post late last month amidst a fanfare of understated non-publicity.

Egyptian Traders Co are said to be under investigation from the Egyptian prosecutor's office and embroiled in a complicated GAFTA-arbitration case with the original Russian exporter of the wheat, Rosinteragroservis (RIAS).

The GASC employees arrested include the chief administrator of imports and contracts.

Funnily enough, there doesn't seem to be any mention of this on the GAFTA website, and Googling for it doesn't help a lot either so here's the link:

GAFTA head quits amid Egyptian Traders case