Strategie Grains Increase EU Grain Output

French analysts Strategie Grains say that this year's EU-27 cereal harvest will come in at 289 MMT, that's 6 MMT higher than their July estimate, although still 7% lower than last year's bumper harvest.

Soft wheat production will now be 130 MMT they say, that's 3.5 MMT more than their July estimate of 126.5 MMT, and is the result of better than expected yields, particularly in France and Germany. Again this is 7% lower than last season.

They estimate that 70% of the EU-27 wheat crop had been cut as of Aug. 6, and predict that 69% of this season's crop will make milling standard.

Barley production was raised 1.3 MMT to 60.7 MMT, again largely due to better than expected yields from French and German producers, where output was raised 600,000 MT and 300,000 MT respectively. That is also 7% down on last year's EU-27 output of 65.5 MMT. They say that 32% of this year's spring barley will be suitable for malting.

EU-27 corn production is seen at 56.5 MMT, 9% down on last year.