UK Harvest Progress

According to ADAS, the half decent weather that I brought back from holiday has enabled the domestic UK harvest to move along quite well over the last week, although progress still lags behind the six year average.

Winter barley is now 90% harvested they say, slightly behind normal progress of 95%,with yields a little below average at 5.5-6.7 MT/ha. Spring barley is around 9% harvested (35% normally), with average yields of 4.6-5.8 MT.ha. Malting quality is reasonable on this season's barley harvest, they say.

Winter wheat is late at around 12% harvested (normally 40% done), mostly in the South East and East, with yields so far ranging from 6-13MT/ha, and quality better than last year (it could hardly be worse), with hagbergs of 280-300 and proteins in the 12.7-13.5% region amongst the milling wheats cut.

The OSR rape harvest is 74% done, which is even behind last season's pace of 80% cut, with yields better than anticipated at 2.9-3.9 MT/ha, and oil contents good. The area still to be harvested contains some of the worse looking crops, which may bring final yields lower than currently, they add.

Full report here