UK Wheat Exports

The UK almost managed to hit DEFRA's forecast of wheat exports of 3.7 MMT in the 2008/09 marketing year, shipping a fraction over 3.5 MMT to mostly EU destinations.

With June wheat exports reaching 240,943 MT, total exports came in at 3,241,684 MT to fellow EU destinations and 267,729 MT to non-EU homes.

This gives us total wheat exports of 3,509,413 MT, more than double the 1,597,767 MT exported in 2007/08.

Barley exports for the marketing year were 811,465 MT, double the 403,190 MT exported in the previous season.

Rapeseed exports were steady at 233,539 MT, compared to 240,210 MT in 2007/08.

Total wheat imports for 2008/09 were 1,253,051 MT, 12.6% lower than the 1,434,137 MT imported in 2007/08.