Ukraine Harvest Wrapping Up

The grain harvest in the Ukraine is already winding down, with an estimated 89% of planted area already cut, according to the Ag Ministry.

As of Aug 7th this season's harvest had produced 33 MMT of grain, including 20 MMT of wheat in bunker weight off 92% of the planted area. Wheat yields have so far averaged 3.16 MT/hectare, compared to 3.5 MT/ha a year ago.

The barley harvest is 91% complete at 11.6 MMT, they add.

With 89% of the harvest already in, they are going to have their work cut out to meet the official estimate of a total grain crop of 42-43 MMT this year, even if much of it is higher yielding corn.

In 2008 the Ukraine harvested a bumper grain crop of 53.3 MMT.