Defra "Don't Even Own A Pair Of Wellies"

Tim Farron, the Lib Dem agriculture spokesman threw not just his hat but his Barbour jacket and shooting stick squarely into the ring yesterday as champion of the farmers' cause.

Attacking Defra minsters who 'don't even own a pair of wellies’ (presumably they were all stolen, along with all their other stuff that regularly goes missing) and the Tories for connecting only with the ‘forces that blight’ the countryside, Farron was almost foaming at the mouth by the time he accused the supermarkets of 'massively abusing their power' adding that their 'greed is forcing farmers out of business'.

Farron went on to pledge to introduce a powerful food market regulator that would frankly urinate all over the Tories idea of an 'toothless' ombudsman. He said he'd ‘strip out £7 million of waste from the Rural Payments Agency’ and invest in a hill farm apprenticeship and revive rural communities.

By now, practically choking back tears, he said he was 'fed up with being right and (always) coming third'.

Noble words Mr F., although I sadly feel that your chances of coming first are somewhat remote. I'd settle for coming second and a smoke if I were you.