The Funny Little Snippet, Like At the End of The News

Or at least like they used to do at the end of the news. I used to love that. War, famine, car bombs, murder, unemployment....and finally lets go live to Swinderby where a man is attempting to balance seventy five chickens on his head...

Just checked on Frontier's website to see what they make of the latest figures from Defra and the NFU, only to find that they haven't uploaded anything yet, Last week's doom & gloom market report is still there.

What did catch my eye though was the bit saying "We've chosen to highlight the importance of our employees to the business by featuring members of staff on our new lorries."

They've had the faces of three Frontier staff blown up (no not boom, blown up) and stuck on the side of their lorries.

Let's hope that Kraft don't steal their idea, having taken a shuftie at their boss last week, not unless they want their milk curdling that is.