Market Snippets

India's sugar cane crop will fall 20%, and rice output 17% this year due to sporadic monsoon rains, which normally only last until mid-September might hang around for one more week, analysts say.

The Indian government hope that they can encourage farmers to plant wheat earlier than normal where possible, to maximise production in a season where irrigation water is going to be in short supply.

Chinese wheat import licences of 960,000 MT for the current 2009 season have already been fully utilised, according to a report on Reuters.

Pork output in China will rise to a record 50.3 MMT next year, in the world's largest producer and consumer of the meat. That won't do any harm for corn and soybean demand.

Hungary's grain harvest is over, producing 5.99 MMT this season, 24% down on last year. Wheat output accounted for 4.4 MMT, 21% lower than last year's 5.6 MMT. barley production was 30% down at 1.03 MMT.

EU export licenses have been granted for 3.8 MMT of wheat so far this marketing year (to Sept 15), 11.6% lower than at the same time a year ago.

The English wheat crop is only likely to be around 12.90-13.25 MMT this season on a combination of lower plantings and adverse weather conditions throughout the crop year, based on projections from the NFU/Defra.