Nogstradamus: It Couldn't All Be About To Happen Again Could It?

In some ways I can scarcely believe that I am going to write this, indeed as I start to do so I'm still not quite sure where it is going to end up. In fact I'm quite interested to see where it leads, a bit like a comedian with Alzheimer's I'm looking forward to finding out what the punchline is myself.

With the G-20 meeting underway 'exit strategy' is something that keeps getting a mention here and there. Although we are still a long way from a complete withdrawal, the world’s governments are already slowly removing their financial support from the market.

It's a bit like learning to ride a bike I suppose. The global financial system is wobbling along in front, and keeps checking over it's shoulder to see if Dad is still holding onto the back of the saddle. Before you know it Dad let go half a mile back and you didn't even realise it.

Risk appetite is returning, safety is one thing, safety is good in times of blind panic, but safety is so well...mind numbingly bloody boring isn't it? One day you've just got to take those stabilisers off and go for it. Safety gets you a nice second-hand bike outside Mr Johnson's shop down the road. Risk gets you the brand new shiny chopper in the window with the sit up and beg handlebars.

Diminished risk means diminished income. Benchmark rates are incredibly low, you can't save up for a chopper on them. Maybe I should be putting my money into commodities? See Billy Thompson over there, he put his money into commodities last week and now he's got a brand new chopper. If we all put all of our money into commodities all at the same time then maybe this time next week Mr Johnson will be running around like a blue-arsed fly?

What colour do you fancy, copper maybe? Good choice Sir, very popular with the Chinese that one, only $269, it was $375 last summer. The brown one, coffee? He's a beauty, only $129, down from $170 last summer. How about that one at the back, corn we call it, yes I know it's yellow that's why it's down from $700 to $335. Or maybe I could interest you in wheat, less than half price at just $475 down from $975.

No you can't pay in sterling, we're not a bloody charity you know.