Oh My Lord

There's a big news story going round today that Kraft have bid £10.2 billion for Cadbury's, you might have read a bit about it already.

Cadbury's (appropriately enough the manufacturers of chocolate fingers), have told Kraft boss Irene Rosenfeld to stick her bid.

Bit of potential comic value there I think, on a quiet the US is shut sort of a day.

Until I Google for a pic of Ms Rosenfeld, just in case she's a babe.

Oh my Gawd, trust me this woman is far from being a babe, in fact she is about as far removed from babedom as it is possible to be.

Think Alan Partridge with a bit of lipstick on. Think severe beating with an ugly stick, and remember this is a publicity shot, what on earth does this look like at 7.30 am?? Oh my lord, never is it possible to drink so much beer that you would find Ms Rosenfeld attractive. You've heard of a ten pinter, this is a quantitative easing 175 billion pinter.

I mean, I've seen some ugly women in my time, I even married one, but this is right up there with the best. Just imagine the fight to get to the bathroom mirror to see who was going to get to shave first in the mornings.

Are you ready, Ladies and Gentlemen (no kids please, you'll never get them to sleep after this, you'll have to leave the lights on for the rest of their lives), I give you, I can hardly bear to do it...

Go one Nogger pull yourself together...

Right, deep breath. No I can't...yes you can...look away now if you don't want to know the score....right, here goes, here is Irene Rosenfeld.