UK Supermarkets: Morrisons Profits Leap

UK supermarket chain Morrisons appear to be doing something right, reporting a leap in FH pre-tax profits of 22% to £359m as turnover rose from £7.1 billion to £7.5 billion.

Like-for-like sales excluding VAT and fuel climbed by 7.8%.

The company said that it had attracted a million new customers in the last two years, and I'm probably one of them. I only go in to see Lulu and Alen Hansen of course (do you reckon he's, you know, 'fixing her wonky trolley'?).

Certainly whenever I do pop in the staff seem generally happier, friendlier and more willing to assist than some of it's rivals' stores, making it a better shopping experience.

The local ASDA on the other hand seems to be staffed by an unfortunate combo of eastern Europeans who look like they just clambered out of the back of a cross-Channel lorry, sixteen year old spotty-faced numpties who can barely string a sentence together and the token club-footed, deaf, mute, black lesbian uni-cyclist. They've taken her on not because she empties a lot of boxes, she just ticks them.