Beer At Eighteen Pounds A Pint

Welcome to Britain in the year 2030. A pint of lager is going to set you back GBP18.45, it's almost the same for a litre of corn oil, GBP6.48 for a loaf of bread and over fifteen quid for a packet of rice.

Wheat and corn yields in the Americas will fall by 40% and Asian rice yields will be down by 30%.

At least that is what could happen unless global governments sort out global warming, according to one report commissioned by the Friends of the Earth.

They're understandably unhappy that a quick pop down to the pub in their sandals with Tarquin and Jemima, for a quick pint of Theakston's and a lentil and hummus wrap with be setting them back the thick end of a hundred sheets.

How can they afford that? The arse will probably have fallen out Tarquin's niche-market for carved wooden mushrooms by then, and there's a limit to how much hand-made ethnic jewelery that Jemima can knock out.

Still they'll probably have saved a few bob on haircuts and soap then.

Eighteen Quid A Pint