Brazil To Increase Biofuel Production

Brazilian President Lula da Silva has approved a proposal to increase the biofuel content of it's diesel to 5% up from 4% previously.

The measure, which takes effect in January 2010, is expected to raise the production of biodiesel in Brazil to 2.4 billion litres next year. Lula da Silva cautioned the industry not to rely on edible soy oil as the main feedstock to make it however, so it would not impact on food supplies.

Brazil has used its status as the world's top sugar producer to promote cane-derived ethanol. Its flex-fuel cars, launched in 2003, incorporate technology enabling them to run solely on ethanol, gasoline, or any mixture of both.

With an under-developed rail network and huge cargoes of agricultural and mineral production travelling thousands of kilometres by road to the country's ports, diesel consumption is a major cost for Brazilian industry.