Defra Peg UK Wheat Crop At 14.2 MMT

Defra say that the 2009 UK wheat crop was 14.2 MMT - 300,000 higher than the NFU's 13.9 MMT - but still 18% down on last season. Yields averaged 7.9 MT/ha they say.

They peg barley production at 6.7 MMT, also higher than the NFU's 6.33 MMT and 10% higher than last season, largely due to a significant switch into spring barley. Barley yields averaged 5.8 Mt/ha, they add.

OSR output was 1.9 MMT they say, broadly unchanged from last season's 1.98 MMT. Yields were better than last year at 3.4 MT/ha, they say.

These figures are Defra's first efforts at forecasting the 2009 harvest results, final UK figures won't be issued until January.