India Finds The Key To The Magic Cupboard

Hurrah, India's junior food minister K.V. Thomas has told reporters that he's found the key to the magic wheat cupboard. All will soon be well and the country's population of over a billion will be able to get some bread very shortly.

If I read one more time that "the government's wheat stockpiles as of Sept 1st were 30 million tonnes" then I will surely burst a blood vessel.

The government will release a whopping 1.5 MMT of wheat onto the domestic market "in phases over the next two to three months" says Thomas.

Well that's going to sort the job out isn't it Tommo? Does anyone here remember that episode of the Young Ones where they're having a party back at the house? Assorted student types turn up for a p*ss up and Rik casually tosses a group of them four of those very small cans of lager that you get in hotel mini-bars saying "there you go get stuck into that lot."

That's about as much use as 1.5 MMT is spread over 2-3 months in a country that consumes almost 6.5 MMT/month of the stuff.