India Put David Blaine In Charge Of Food Security

India's Junior Ag Minister K V Thomas has moved to assure the hungry Indian public that there is no need to worry, he's got everything under control. There's plenty of food to go round the 1.1-1.2 billion population, and there's no need to even think about imports.

The assurances come after the worst monsoon rains since 1972 have been followed by severe flooding, killing hundreds of people, and rendering millions more homeless, and destroying or washing away millions of acres of cropland and contaminating grain stocks.

The wheat market seems to have got fed up waiting for the government to release some of it's mythical stocks onto the domestic market, hitting contract highs this morning.

The stocks, now reported at 32.6 MMT by one leading news service, appear to have actually INCREASED by a million tonnes from official figures as at the end of July.

One can only assume that some magical powers have been at work, either that or a million tonnes more insects have taken up residence in the government-owned stocks.

Either way, despite repeated promises for months now, the government continue to sit on their hands steadfastly failing to release any of the state-owned stocks onto the domestic market.