McDonalds Report Better Than Expected Figures

McDonalds continue to prove that a recession isn't bad news for everybody, turning in a better than expected Q3.

Just like Primark, when the going gets tough peddlers of budget - lets call them "items" - go cher ching.

McD's chipped in with a Q3 net income rise of USD1.26 billion, up from USD1.19 billion in the same quarter last year.

The last time I was in McD's (for a take out 3 kids, 2 adults) the "thing" that was serving me packed the stuff away into their respective bags, and looking at me blankly said "is that everything?"

He was what I call a mouth-breather. He'd heard about the concept of breathing through your nose, but though bugger it why take the risk.

I said "you've packed the stuff mate, you tell me."

"Yeah, that's everything," thing assured me.

It won't surprise you to discover that upon arriving home, it bloody well wasn't everything was it. Neither will it come as an immense shock to hear who's piece of gherkin between two buns so hot that you can't pick them up wasn't in said bag.

No I wasn't lovin' it, thing, there was nothing there to love. The last thing I wanted to do then was drive back into town to ask thing where my bloody burger was.

So, it's not surprising their profits are up is it?

A bit like a Mumbai helpline, they expect that because you know that you're wasting your time driving back into town to complain to thing that your burger was missing, that you won't do it. It's simpler just to give thing your money & walk out.

"You want a quarterpounder without cheese? I've never been asked for one of them before. Hey Marlon, there's a guy here wants a quarter without cheese. What, we can do that? Oh right, OK mate if you just stand over there by that sick on the floor, shifting uncomfortably from leg to leg for twenty minutes, I'll bring it right over."