Milking It In China

One interesting topic that popped up at the conference I was at yesterday came from a lady from DairyCo talking about the expanding market for milk, and dairy products, in China. It's not something I had given a lot of consideration to before.

With the growing appetite for a more westernised diet amongst China's younger consumers for things like say pizza, there could be some potential for significant growth here in the world's most populous country, she said.

China's milk beverage industry is apparently considered by some to be the next hot spot for soft-drink giants.

This morning I read of Coca-Cola launching its first dairy drink in China this week. The Minute Maid Pulpy Super Milky drink, is a mixture of fruit juice, milk powder and coconut bits and will be sold in 300 cities across China by the end of the year.

The milk content of the drink is currently imported from New Zealand, however there is the possibility that if it takes off then the drinks giant may cooperate with domestic dairy enterprises.

What are the implications for the feed market of China suddenly becoming a big new consumer of dairy products? Interesting.