Russian Grain Harvest Latest

As the Russian grain harvest winds down, it would seem that yet again final production is significantly higher than recent official estimates. Anyone spotting a trend here?

Having said that, it looks like final production is probably in line with other trade estimates from more reliable sources like SovEcon.

To date the total Russian grain harvest is 98.8 MMT in bunker weight, say the Ag Ministry, which is down on the 112.2 MMT harvested in bunker weight last season.

The wheat harvest has amounted to 62 MMT, they say, and the barley harvest 18.5 MMT.

If we convert that to clean weight then we should end up with a wheat harvest of around 59.5-60.5 MMT and a barley harvest of 17.5-18.0 MMT. That compares with a clean weight harvest of 63.3 MMT and 24 MMT last season.