Taxi Driver And 13 Year Old Girl Win Ploughing Competitions

Bill Tonkin, a Cheddon Fitzpaine taxi driver, took the overall championship ploughing cup in this weekend’s Crewkerne Young Farmers Club annual ploughing match. He obviously took his time as the meter was running. Why anybody should be surprised about a taxi driver driving up and down a field fifteen times when he could have simply gone straight across it is beyond me.

Meanwhile, a 13-year-old school girl beat 40 experienced rivals to claim first place in a ploughing competition at Redbourn Berry Farm, Herts. The girl, Elly Deacon, had only driven a tractor for the first time four days before the event and had just four hours worth of practice. It's a good job she didn't have to reverse it into a parking space as well that's all I can say.