US Biodiesel Still Coming Into Europe Via Backdoor

Legislation introduced by the EU earlier in the year to slap an import tariff on heavily subsidised US biodiesel to prevent it being dumped on the European market isn't working, according to Raffaello Garofalo, secretary general of the European Biodiesel Board (EBB).

He says that the loophole exploited by America was so lucrative that it still pays US exporters to send their biodiesel to Europe via intermediate countries such as Canada, Mexico, Singapore and Turkey.

And that is precisely what they are doing, according to Garofalo. Exactly why anyone should be surprised about that is beyond me. Isn't that so bloody typically European? After years arguing the toss we finally pass some legislation do something about it only to leave another giant loophole for them to climb through for another five years.

I think we should have a bloody good committee meeting about this, a referendum and twenty seven postal ballots, three shows of hands and a lengthy adjournment. That'll teach them to mess with us.