Ukraine Grain Exports Up Despite Lower Crop

Cheap and cheerful Ukrainian grain exporters have been busier than a Cockermouth street cleaner recently. Already they have exported 10.4 MMT of grains by November 19th, up 4.5% on year ago levels, despite a sharply reduced crop this year.

That takes them more than halfway past their target level of 20 MMT (25.2 MMT in 2008/09) for the full marketing year, only 20 weeks into the campaign.

Wheat volume is up at 5.4 MMT (from 5.2 MMT a year ago), barley at 3.37 MMT (4.0 MMT) and corn at 1.5 MMT (0.7 MMT).

Rapeseed exports are down by a third on last season to 1.2 MMT.