EU Wheat Closing Comments

EU wheat drifted lower again Thursday with January Paris milling wheat futures ending down EUR1.00 at EUR128.00/tonne, and London January feed wheat trading down GBP0.60 at GBP104.00/tonne.

Strategie Grains say that EU corn production will rise to 57.7 MMT in 2010 from 56.0 MMT this year. Meanwhile soft wheat production will increase by 3% to 133 MMT they say, that's at the expense of barley output which is seen down 6% to 58.7 MMT.

They are probably on the low side for EU wheat production. They peg UK wheat output at 1.9 MMT more than in 2009, that's around 13% up. OK, I know we've got Ensus and maybe Vivergo starting up, but I just don't see it working.

UK YTD wheat exports are only 582,380 MT, well below the 1.18 MMT exported at this point in 2008/09. There is far too much reliance being placed on the biofuel industry bailing out the UK wheat longs in my opinion.