EU Wheat Shows Little Change

Liffe/Euronext close: London wheat +GBP0.10 at GBP105.15, Paris wheat +EUR0.25 at EUR128.00, Paris rapeseed -EUR0.75 at EUR280.25, Paris corn -EUR0.50 at EUR131.50.

EU wheat futures closed with very little change Thursday, in another low-volume session.

At the risk of repeating myself, the market has definitely gone to sleep ahead of Christmas, and there seems like little likelihood of any significant price movements now until the New Year.

On a positive note, it looks like the long-awaited opening of the Ensus refinery is now imminent. Once operational, the facility will produce around one-third of the UK's total bioethanol requirements, and consume in excess of 1 MMT of wheat per annum.

A similar sized plant is expected to open early in 2010 in Rotterdam, before another UK facility opens in Hull sometime in the second half of next year.

That should help take up some of the EU over-supply, but not by any means all of it.

Winter wheat prospects seem to be developing well across much of Europe, with increased production in the UK, France and Germany on the cards for next year unless the weather throws up any problems.

Things aren't quite so promising in the Black Sea, with large parts of western Ukraine and the Volga region of Russia suffering from inadequate moisture at the moment.

The USDA today raised it's estimate for US 2009/10 ending stocks to 900 million bushels, more than the 875 million the trade had been expecting. Weekly export sales were also disappointing at 245,200 MT.