New Malting Barley Variety In Town

Syngenta's newest malting barley arrival to make the HGCA's Recommended List is Propino, which they say is the highest yielding spring malting barley variety in the UK.

Propino joins it's big brothers, the evocatively named Tipple and Quench, in the seed catalogues this spring.

Do they pay money to people to come up with these names or do they just go down the pub and pick one from a hat?

What about a variety called Ginger-haired Stepson (nobody wants it) or Big Issue (hardly anyone buys it)?

It's easy this, I can think of loads. Herpes, Boomerang, Millstone, Titus Bramble, Betamax. How many more do you want, and when do I start Syngenta?

I had a dog once called Minton, just so that every time it was naughty I could say "Bad Minton". And I can't even begin to tell you the story behind what our other dog was called...