Ukraine Harvest Finished

The 2009 harvest in Ukraine is finally just about finished, producing a crop of 48.5 MMT in bunker weight (before screening/cleaning), say the Ag Ministry.

Of that, 21.7 MMT was wheat, 12.7 MMT barley, 10.7 MMT corn and 1 MMT rye. Farmers have also gathered a rapeseed harvest of 1.8 MMT, say the Ministry.

They haven't as yet issued any clean weight figures, but have recently been working on 3.75% less, implying a grain crop of around 46.7 MMT, 12.4% down on last year's 53.3 MMT.

That would also suggest final wheat output of around 20.9 MMT, 5 MMT or 19% down on last season's record output.