Martin Luther King Day

Yup, it's another public holiday the other side of the pond, so there's no Chicago market today. It's Martin Luther King's birthday today, well not actually today as such as he was born on Jan 15th, but it's a Monday pretty close to his birthday, so that's enough for an extra day off.

Next month the septics have another day off for Washington's birthday. What's next? Michael Jackson Day, where everybody dons white gloves and moonwalks backwards into the kids bedrooms?

We could have a Da Day Dat Di & Dodi Died Day.

Wasn't that a song by the Police? Talking of Sting, I hear that he's heavily into that tantric sex malarkey. Apparently he can go at it for five or six hours without, erm, "going off" shall we say. That's pretty impressive, I mean Mrs Nogger#1 was no oil painting, but even so, five or six hours? Phew. I think about four and a half was my personal best. Not that I was timing myself you understand, but we did used to have a digital clock on the microwave.