Price League Table 2009

Doing a bit of research over the festive period, for one of my in depth market reports that I do for someone, here's a price movement league table for 2009 that might interest you:

Market Month 2009 Close Change On Year
Crude Oil Feb10 79.36 +49.7%
STG/USD Spot 1.6184 +10.9%
Paris Rapeseed Feb10 287.50 +9.4%
STG/EUR Spot 1.1206 +7.4%
CBOT Soybeans Jan10 1039.75 +5.5%
EUR/USD Spot 1.4287 +2.3%
Paris Corn Jan10 135.00 +1.5%
Paris Wheat Jan10 131.25 -7.7%
CBOT Wheat Mar10 541.50 -9.6%
London Wheat Jan10 106.50 -11.3%
CBOT Corn Mar10 414.50 -11.4%

Footnote: apart from currencies, these changes are comparing the price of the individual futures months mentioned. If you were to compare front month crude oil on 31/12/08 with front month on 31/12/09 the change is even more impressive at +78%!

I guess it's no great surprise to see London wheat languishing down in the relegation zone, given the strength of sterling (or is it the acute weakness of the dollar/euro) up the top.

CBOT corn being the worst peformer of the lot is maybe a little surprising though.

Incidentally, if we were to run the same league table for forward months (ie Nov/Dec10 as appropriate) the worst performer over the 12 months is....CBOT wheat, where the Dec future has declined 14.4% over the course of 2009.