Rotten Swines

Major pharmaceutical companies pressured the World Health Organisation (denied by the WHO) into lowering it's definition of a pandemic in the wake of last year's H1N1 "swine flu" outbreak, says today's papers.

In doing so, the profiteering buggers were thereby able to encourage mass hysteria it seems, with the primary aim of lining their own pockets. Shock, horror, surely not! Governments the world over were railroaded into buying lorry loads of vaccines they subsequently didn't need, to combat what turned out to be no more than a bit of a cold with ideas above it's station, they cry.

These are the same papers that were themselves responsible for whipping up the average gullible Joe on the street into a state of blind panic mind. And all that money that could have been put to better use, now lines the pockets of execs at major drugs companies around the world.

I wonder how many editors picked up a "brown envelope" for running such hype too?