Soybean Harvesting And Cotton Planting In Mato Grosso

Did you see Jimmy's Global Farm on BBC recently? The first episode was from Brazil and featured lots of interesting footage of Brazilian agricultural methods. If you missed it see if you can find it on catch up if you have it, or if not (or for my foreign viewers) try searching for it on BBC iPlayer, the show was originally screened on the 7th Jan I think.

These two clips highlight the astonishing speed with which they get a second crop in immediately after harvesting beans. In the case below it's cotton, in the BBC programme it was corn.

Here's what's going on in Mato Grosso, from the excellent Kory Melby blog, with early planted fast maturing beans being harvested right now, swiftly followed by cotton. No sign of the heavy rains in this case and yields are coming in better than expected for early varieties.