UK Recession Over

Hurrah! Get the bunting out & order the cakes in from Sayers, I've got some jelly in the cupboard and there's some chocolate fingers left over from Christmas. News just out confirms that the UK is officially out of the longest recession in UK history after the economy grew by a whopping 0.1% in Q4 2009.

Before we get too carried away and order some Marks & Spencer vol au vents to go with that, analysts had been expecting growth of 0.4%, so we're out of recession in a disappointing manner. The last major economy to drag itself out of the mire, gasping for breath at the side of the pool. Alistair Darling has managed to burst us out of the paper bag that was the recession with one lucky punch. We kind of tripped over the bottom step and fell out of the recession into a heap on the floor. Covered in vomit with a kebab stuck to the side of our head. And when we get home, from the recession, we'll find that we've lost our keys and will have to shin up the drainpipe of economic growth to get in. Except that it's been raining, and the drainpipe of economic growth is all slippy, but we're so happy that the recession is over that we'll sing a little the Beatles...."Oh Darlin..."