Britain's Sexiest Farmer Result

Just to prove that you never lose it, I'm delighted to report that Nogger correctly picked the female winner of Britain's sexiest farmer, Anna from North Yorks when I "marked your cards" a short time back. She'll do for me.

I know what your thinking, it's a pity you weren't that clever when you started picking wives isn't it? Well, I only bet a house, it's entire contents, a car and two kids on Mrs N#1, so it's not like I was playing for big money or anything.

Anna came from behind to beat off stiff competition to win the coveted Farmer's Weekly award, and promptly decided to remove her waxed jacket for The Sun here to prove that "not all farmers are men in wellies in their 60s."

I think she has put our minds at rest on that score once and for all, although it looks like she DID decide to keep her wellies on though. Easy Tiger.