Hovis Say One British Wheat Field In Every Eight Is Theirs

Hovis say that one wheat field in every eight in Britain is now growing wheat for them, in their new switch to producing bread using 100% British wheat across their entire product range.

Hovis are spending GBP5 million of the GBP18 million it was wasting on Canadian wheat to promote the move via a TV advertising campaign.

Not to be outdone, Warburton's are also set to launch a 100% British loaf in the not too distant future, and are spending GBP10 million in their new advertising campaign to tell us exactly how much they care.

In a battle over exactly who's Dad is the biggest, Kingsmill say that they are going to spend GBP11 million promoting the launch of their latest bready brainwave, Oatilicious.

UK farmers will be hoping that some of these extravagant advertising budgets will ultimately throw a bit of cash their way too. We shall see.