Lamb Chop

A headteacher at a school in Kent has quit after being "bullied and victimised" after allowing a one of three lambs reared by the children at the school to go to slaughter.

I have to say that I wonder how many of the kids "traumatised" by the incident were hitherto perfectly happy to eat lamb? Certainly I'm sure that the vast majority were no stranger to McDonald's or KFC. But I guess if it comes in a box with a plastic Pocahontas or coated in breadcrumbs and shaped like popcorn then it's not 'really' meat?

The idea to then subsequently raffle off cuts of Marcus was probably inherently flawed, however. As was allowing him to previously attend school assemblies. He did do very well in his SATS though, and was top of the class at eating grass.

Rosemary will miss him