Strategie Grains Up EU-27 2010/11 Soft Wheat Crop

Strategie Grains have increased their estimate for EU-27 2010/11 soft wheat production to 134.7 MMT, up 1 MMT from last month. That's an increase of almost 5 MMT, or 4 percent, on last year.

Durum wheat output is forecast at 8.8 MMT, up 9% on a year ago. That gives us an EU-27 all wheat crop of 143.5 MMT, 5.5 MMT higher than last year's 138 MMT.

Barley production is seen falling 7% to 57.2 MMT, and 1 MMT down on last month. Corn output is pegged at 57.7 MMT, almost 1 MMT higher than last year. That will be the first time that EU corn production has been higher than barley ouput since 2005/06.