Terra Yara Boom Today

It took me ages to come up with that headline, not quite "ta ra ra boom di ay" but pretty respectable nevertheless.

Love is in the air with Terra and Yara set to get married in a glitzy showbiz wedding it has been revealed, appropriately enough over Valentine's Day weekend.

The couple already have one illegitimate love child, GrowHow aged 3, but look set to spawn again before too long.

Terra is a "perfect fit" for Yara, according to Yara chief executive Jorgen Ole Haslestad.

It's likely to be a June wedding, said the lovebirds, who have already opened discussions with OK magazine for the photography rights.

Blushing Terra plans to move in with Yara, saving USD60 million in "cost synergies", I think she means soft furnishings but I'm not really sure.

The couple's publicist said that the merger was good news for British farmers, although strangely the British farmers who are emailing me remain surprisingly sceptical, saying that this will give them an even bigger monopoly than the one they already enjoy.

"It's a bit like getting into bed with your sister," said one Devon farmer, "you know you shouldn't do it but you just can't help yourself."