Ukraine Crop Conditions Worsen

According to the Ukraine Ministry of Agriculture winter crop conditions in the country have deteriorated in the second half of January.

In the last ten days of the month temperatures fell 6-8 degrees below normal, with air temperatures down to -24/-28, even down to -30/-34 in parts of Western Ukraine.

Fortunately adequate snow cover in most regions prevented heavy crop losses, but places with only limited snow cover suffered "extensive damage" the Ministry said.

As of January 28, winter grains were rated 46% in good condition, 43.6% satisfactory and 10.4% in poor condition.

Winter wheat was rated 46.8% good, 43.1% satisfactory and 10.1% poor. Winter barley was pegged at 40.7% good, 47% satisfactory and 12.3% poor. Winter rapeseed was rated 39% good, 405 satisfactory and 21% poor.