Ukraine Rapeseed Crop Suffering

The Ternopil region of Ukraine is slap bang in the heart of the nation's rapeseed producing area, and winter rapeseed there has reportedly suffered badly at the hands of Jack Frost, according to media reports.

An estimated 28% of the crop has been "frozen out" according to the regional Agricultural Department. Whilst the average winter rape seedings density is 60-90 per square metre, seedings in frost-affected areas are down to just 20-30 per square metre, they say.

A very dry August and September meant that OSR didn't germinate until October, leaving the crop immature and vulnerable to withstand frost, say the Department.

Further east in the Zhytomyr region, 23% of the winter rapeseed crop is also said to be in poor condition due to frost damage on fields unprotected by winter snow cover.