Coceral See Increased EU-27 Wheat Production In 2010

This is an edited version of what was originally posted around lunchtime on Friday. No I hadn't been drinking, at least not at that point. Coceral's original press release was subsequently re-issued with some slighly different numbers. Their original EU-27 wheat production figure of 135.5 MMT was incorrect. Numpties. Here we go with the ammended version....

Coceral say that the EU-27 will produce 133.1 MMT of soft wheat in 2010, up 1.8% on last season's 130.7 MMT. Their estimate is 1 MMT lower than the latest forecast from French analysts Strategie Grains.

Durum wheat production will come in at 7.8 MMT this year say Coceral, giving us an EU-27 all wheat output of 140.9 MMT, 1.7 MMT up on last year's 139.2 MMT.

Barley production will fall almost 9%, or 5.4 MMT to 56.6 MMT, they say. Meanwhile corn output will increase slightly to 57.5 MMT.

For the record they see UK wheat production at 15.7 MMT, which is around 300,000 MT less than Strategie Grains, although 1.4 MMT or almost 10% up on last year.

German wheat output is seen holding steady at 25.2 MMT, with French production falling slightly to 38.2 MMT. Spanish soft wheat output is seen rising a little over a million tonnes to 4.5 MMT, that may not be good news for UK exporters.

Bloody Frogs!