Let Them Eat Fish

Argy President Cristina Fernandez has had a bight idea. Rolls eyes, a woman with a bright idea, go on then what is it. More shoe shops on every street corner?

No, she's come up with a plan to sell discount haddock to the local populace in Buenos Aires as a fleet of trucks tour the capital emblazoned with the slogan "Now There's Fish For Everyone".

The famously carnivorous Argies are somewhat bemused, but faced with the soaring price of domestic beef, quite a few are reportedly tempted to give haddock a chance.

The "funny coloured" haddock comes in frozen brick-like slabs, I can see you licking your lips and reaching for the Rick Stein book already. Ice cold lager mixed with plain flour and a pinch of salt makes a very good beer batter I can tell you.

Despite the less than appetising description some reports suggest queues of "thousands" lining the streets to buy something they can at least afford.

Fernandez, keen to promote the idea, has visited one to make a purchase herself. I'm sure Nestor was chuffed to bits with his tea that night.

Can you smell fish?

Im gagging for it I am