Niche Markets

Finding and developing niche markets in the current cold agricultural climate can't be a bad idea. This punter up in Scotland is the latest to spot that selling little bottles of cold pressed virgin rapeseed oil for GBP4.95 each can't be the fastest way to the poor house.

OK, he's selling them to ASDA, so HE isn't going to be getting a Lady Godiva for each bottle sold, but even so you get my drift.

It ticks plenty of boxes this approach. From the health benefits, low in saturated fat and high in Omega 3, 6 & 9 etc, you name an Omega and this stuffs got it in it. To the carbon footprint, grown, crushed and bottled on site. The by-product is organic and you can feed it yourself or sell it for a decent premium over that nasty solvent extracted stuff. Mix in a liberal dash of PROFIT MARGIN, and it doesn't sound like a bad proposition.

It's a bit more complicated than simply waiting for the single farm payment scheme cheque to land on the mat I'll grant you. OK you have to go out and do some leg work to find and nurture your marketplace, but you can't exactly expect everything to fall simply and easily into your lap can you? What's that, that's exactly what you do expect? Next...

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