The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

At least it will according to Alistair Darling, who sees growth climbing and borrowing declining markedly over the next few years. The government will only need to get the begging bowl out to the tune of GBP167 billion now this year, GBP11 billion less than was predicted in December. No wait, there's more, borrowing will be down to a mere GBP74 billion by 2014-15.

Despite 2010 growth only seen at 1-1.25%, things will look a whole lot rosier next year with growth of 3-3.5%, he says.

He doesn't give us a lot of detail as to exactly how he's going to pull these things off, he probably suspects that it won't actually be him or Labour actually doing any of the pulling. If he's out of a job by then, then there's always a career with the Magic Circle of course.