Terra Yara Gonna Have A Ding Dong?

The high profile celebrity wedding of Terra Industries and Yara International might have hit a hitch after rival suitor, US firm CF Industries, launched a counter bid for Terra.

CF spent most of last year chasing Terra around the back of the bike sheds, culminating in a USD4 billion bid for the US nitrogen manufacturer. Shy and retiring Terra steadfastly refused CF's advances, before ultimately agreeing to a slightly better offer of USD4.1 billion for a no holes barred marriage of convenience with aging Norwegian Lothario Yara.

Since then however CF has lost a few pounds, had a few sunbed sessions, and emptied the piggy bank to stump up a knee-trembling offer of USD4.7 billion to fertilise with Terra.

Terra, winner of the inaugural 2002 X Factor and a part-time model, is said to be so confused that her little head is spinning.

Overweight and balding Yara is said to be demanding that Terra continues to wear his ring and threatened CF with a "good old fashioned Norwegian flagellation" if he can get hold of the lithe and handsome American.

More as we get it.