Totally Random Thoughts

Mrs N#3 has gone to bed early, is she trying to tell me something? I don't know, but then again I wouldn't would I? So it's gone 11pm and I'm channel surfing on the telly and come across "The Top 50 Boy Band Hits Of All Time". Crikey.

Nowt else to do I think so I start watching it. Oh dear I am shocked at how many songs I know, and actually like!

As I sit there I think....he's inside, he's in Eastenders, he's in Corrie, what the hell is Simon Le Bon wearing, is that a girl, he choked on his own vomit, he choked on erm well we don't really know what he choked on but it probably wasn't pleasant.

I think I might order that Val Doonican jumper off eBay after all if they have it in my size....I wonder if the do matching slippers?

Oh no, they are starting to stretch the definition of "boy band" now, Bros have just been on, What next? Motorhead are technically a boy band I think you will find in a court of law. Culture Club? The Sex Pistols? The Manic Street Preachers, no no they are a Boyo Band.