Vireol Latest And A Glimpse Into The Future

Reuters are carrying a story today saying that construction of the UK's third major wheat bioethanol refinery, the Vireol plant at Grimsby, will comence this summer.

The plant will use over half a million tonnes of feed wheat per year, bringing the total volume of fresh wheat demand in the UK from Ensus, Vivergo and Vireol to well in excess of 2.5 MMT.

The Vireol plant should begin production in 2013 the article says, conveniently the same year that we are set to up the inclusion rate for fuel from renewable sources to 5%.

Full story: here.

Ten years from now we will need to be producing 10% of all our petrol fuel from renewable sources like wheat. Many will be rubbing their hands with glee saying "bring it on" I'm sure.

Things will undoubtedly be very different in 2020. There might be no livestock industry at all as every square metre of land is used for producing wheat so we can light the streets at night.

We might need to keep the streets well lit, with all the looting that will be going on.

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