Virgin On The Ridiculous

Oy, you Richard Branson, what's your game? You might be a multi millionaire, but I've got loads more O levels than you. What are your two in again? Metal work and ballooning was it? Not PR that's for sure, the state of Virgin Media. What a shower they are.

We've had a "why don't you upgrade to get everything" letter through the post recently, so stupidly we decided to go for it. Pause live football, record six million programmes whilst you go to the pub. Stop the Derby half way through then nip to the bookies to put a bet on, that sort of thing.

So we think, yeah lets go for it, couch potatoes that we are.

So the man from Virgin comes and installs it this afternoon, leaving around 3 o'clock. But by 6 o'clock all our channels have been cut off (plus our broadband). Why?? We've "gone over our limit" apparently. What limit, have we missed a payment? No, the installation fee appears to have kicked in a nanosecond after the Virgin Media guy left the house, triggering some "auto over the limit cut off" that we didn't even know existed.

Well, it seems that although they can cut you off without warning at the flick of a switch, getting you back up and running is a bit more complicated than that. What a surprise.

"No you haven't missed a payment, yes we can see that you have an exemplary record, it will all be back on within 24 hours, thanks for calling Virgin Media. Is there anything else I can help you with?"

Erm, well yes there is actually, I want Richard Branson's gonads nailed to a coffee table in front of me in the next ten minutes, can you do that Miss Mumbai??

Well cheers Ricardo, you balloon travelling, two O levelled, business failure freak. It's good job we don't all treat our customers like that or we'd all be a bearded sky travelling hobo like you wouldn't we?